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willsindex.com is where you protect the ones you love, by ensuring your Last Will and Testament can be found when it's needed.  
You or your legal advisor can REGISTER your will and the details stay safe forever!  
Your Will  
Your instructions to those you leave behind, setting out your intentions for passing on your money and possessions. In most circumstances your last will is the valid will. You should have a will and update it as time and circumstances move on. [ more ]  
Wills Index  
No details of the will itself are recorded, only the date of the will and it's location. There is no charge to register detail of where your will is held.

A summary of the index, giving name only, is available for public search at no cost.

A nominal search fee is payable to obtain detail as to your date and place of birth and where your will is held.
No will?  
If you die without a will (called 'intestate'), most countries and states have a fixed formula for allocating your property. It is unlikely this is how you would have chosen to do it.
You should make a will immediately.
Lost will?  
Sorry, it's no different to having NO will. In the absence of a will the law in your jurisdiction and the probate court decides for you. Check that your original will is safely secured. If not make a new will, then store it somewhere safe!

Keep a copy of the signed will separate from the original. If the original is subsequently lost or destroyed the copy may enable your estate to be dealt with on the basis of the copy.
The index provides a quick and exact reference to enable your will to be located and therefore allow your wishes to be put into effect.

Find the location of a will, quickly!
The information as to your name, date and place of birth is in most cases publicly available ? birth records, telephone directory, electoral roll, motor vehicle and land ownership and credit reference agencies. Your legal adviser will not without the proper authority reveal to anyone details of what your will contains. Read our Privacy Policy.  
Law Firms Register  
This is an index of law firms that are willing and able to provide legal advice and services relating to the preparation of wills and the completion of deceased persons estates.  
You Should ensure that  
  1. You have a will.
  2. You regularly look at your will and make any necessary revision as your circumstances change.
  3. You or your legal advisor lists your will in this index.
  4. You keep a photocopy of your will at a different location from the original.
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