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Information for Legal Professionals
willsindex.com is rapidly becoming the international solution for accurately identifying the location of a Last Will and Testament.
Most legal professionals now enter a will into the registry as a matter of prudence, and a registration charge can be included in the client fee for preparing the will.

Because of the obligation imposed on the attorney to act on the most recent will, a search of the WillsIndex database can become evidence that the obligation has been properly discharged. Even if a will exists then there is still a legal obligation to ensure that the document that you are dealing with is in fact the Last Will and Testament.

If you are dealing with a will you should inquire publicly as to whether or not a later will exists - use the Wills Inquiry section.

If no known will is evidenced then you should inquire publicly as to whether or not a will exists – use the Wills Inquiry section.

Of course, not everybody has a will, yet. Our international advertising efforts focus on the necessity for having a will, so many of those who come to this site will want to have a will prepared - and safely stored for the future.
We refer these enquiries to the law firms registered as providers.

We recommend registering as a provider of these services in order to obtain a share of these referrals. Please refer to the Law Firms Register.
Register your service for making a Will
Visitors to willsindex.com can search for a local professional who will assist in preparing a will.
Register your service for storing a Will
We remind the public that documents can be mislaid or destroyed. Insects, rodents, mildew unforeseen events – fire flood, earthquake or natural disaster are matters to be considered. If a will can't be found it is of no effect. A will is best left safely with a legal professional.
You should ensure that:
  1. You obtain your client’s consent to register their will on this index.
  2. Register all wills on this index.
  3. In dealing on any estate matter register details of the deceased in the Wills Inquiry section to ascertain whether or not there is a will or if there is one of a date later than the one, which you hold.
Consent Form
Download the willsindex.com consent form in PDF format.

Get Acrobat Reader Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the application form. It is a small, free download available here.
Entering Multiple Will Registrations
When entering multiple Will Registrations you may need to enter the same Law Firm and Registrant details each time. If you are using Internet Explorer you can make this process easier by turning on AutoComplete.
  1. Choose Tools > Internet Options.
  2. Click the Advanced tab.
  3. In the Browsing section tick Use inline AutoComplete for Web addresses.
  4. Click the Content tab.
  5. In the Personal Information section, click AutoComplete.
  6. Tick the Use AutoComplete for Forms box.
  7. Click OK.
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